Didem, uzun bir süre seyahat etme hayali vardı ancak düzeni bozma korkusuyla bir türlü cesaret edememişti. Bu süreçte önce işinden çıkarıldı daha sonra 7 yıldır kirada oturduğu evinden ayrılmak zorunda kaldı. Hepimizin dışarıdan olumsuz olarak gördüğü bu süreç Didem’in yola çıkmasına vesile oldu. Ve yol ona başka yollar açtı…

While I was traveling, I came across with many people. They’re all different, they all have a different story… But some of them give more inspiration than others. I do want to the gleam in their eyes never disappear and listen their stories forever. So, here is Aakanksha Luthra the one of the hero of mine that I met in Udaipur/India. She has such a powerful energy that I just want to talk to Aakanksha since the first time I saw her. While I was trying to talk with her, she already asked my name. We realized there was a lot to talk about. I had a little shock after I got her instagram account. I noticed that this woman was a blogger who inspired all the women in India. Since 2014, she has been blogging about “big size” fashion and send out messages of body positivity in India and she also has social media accounts with thousand followers. Actually she is doing something that would be an example to all the women in the world. The conversation I made with this beautiful woman, who reminded me that not all people have to be in one size. Besides all, her inspirational speech made me feel incredibly good. Now, here the Aakanksha’s story.

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